PRO-ACOUSTICS Ltd offers consulting services within the field of acoustics and noise control.
Many years of experience within the field of acoustics and an efficient company structure enables us to deliver a professional service to our customers in a flexible manner. One corner stone in our strategy is to always use a problem oriented approach, i.e. not let a limitation of the given tools decide the procedure. The method used is decided by the task at hand, and when no given methods are appropriate a new one may be developed and applied.

The engineers at PRO-ACOUSTICS Ltd have in depth experience of these fields of acoustics and vibration as well as of all kinds of standard acoustical measurements and vibration measurements. Furthermore, we have knowledge in the field of sound design and sound quality.
We work with the latest software tools and measurement equipment. For new applications the engineers of PRO-ACOUSTICS Ltd have successfully developed new problem-specific measurement methods.

Please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to send our reference list with further information of our experience with in the field of acoustics.