Furthermore …

… we love a challenge.

Others give up, we don’t.

We are always in the process of developing new measurement techniques and caclulation tools.
We can help you develop quieter products or sometimes products that sound better.
Some of these tasks are handled as internal R&D projects. By doing so we try to always stay at state of the art in our segment.

Some examples of our development projects:

  • - We own a test rig for checking microphone probes in hot environment (up to 520°C), with this we are able to measure calibration curves for measurements in hot environments, with the complete measurement chain,
  • - Scaled test rigs for the directivity from exhaust stacks,
  • - We developed a procedure we called surface scan, which gives results like an acoustical camera, it is very flexible and for different geometries, has a high dynamic and reduced hard ware requirements,
  • - We made acoustical measurements in time domain since frequency domain was not applicable for the process to be measured, including a surface scan,
  • - and we have constantly more going on …