Multipurpose Hall Acoustical Treatment

Pro-Acoustics succesfully contributed to the renovation and acoustical treatment of a multipurpose hall in Switzerland. The hall is mainly used for musical and acting performances ┬ábut it can as well be used for public speeches and private events. Problem was that the room had a too high reverberation time (with fluttering echoes) and a severe speech intelligibility┬áproblem. Even local newspapers said that performances were “sounding as in a hangar”, not exactly a pleasant description.

The core of the intervention consisted in a combination of absorption and diffusion. Diffusers were installed on the side walls; they were specifically designed from Pro-Acoustics and, as strange as it can appear, they have absorption too. The design is such that direct sound from the stage is breaked up and distributed in the hall; meanwhile the back incoming reflections are absorbed. This avoid fluttering echoes to build up in the hall as well. Furthermore absorptive wall panels were installed on the back wall: they avoid unwanted late slap back reflections (which affected stage as well). Surfaces closer to the audience were kept reflective not to destroy lateral reflections, helpig to enrich the hearing experience.

Measured acoustical response in the hall confirmed that the target was reached:

RT60 Multipurpose Hall

Additional room acoustics parameters improved as well:

Acoustical Parameters Multipurpose Hall

The achieved acoustical environment is now better balanced and best suitable for musical performances. Public speeches are allowed by using electro-acoustical reinforcement.