Industrial Acoustics

The Engineers at PRO-Acoustics traditionally have their background in the field of industrial acoustic and vibrations and industrial noise control.

PRO-Acoustics’ engineers are experts when it comes to analysing industrial noise, from sound generating mechanisms to sound radiation and sound propagation and finally to reception of sound. Within all these areas there are often possibilities for improvements within most industrial processes. Furthermore, to decide which improvements within which areas are feasible and cost effective is the big challenge.

PRO-Acoustics does not only work within the field of acoustics for the specific products but is also involved in the the acoustic support during the processes of building complete industrial installations. Typically the projects start with a feasiblity study followed by the permitting process with the authorities and the detailed acoustic design of each component in the industrial site. The project is then completed with the acoustical performance measurements. We offer support with the acoustics each step of the way.

PRO-Acoustics has been involved with acoustical design of many industrial projects all over the world. For a detailed reference list please don’t hesitate to contact us.