Room & Building Acoustics

Within the field of building acoustics PRO-Acoustics offers standard measurements according to SIA181 and ISO140.

Room acoustics measurements according to ISO3382-1 and IEC60268-16 can also be performed. Based on the measured characteristics and the use of the room (performance space PuTTY , office space, living space etc.) proposals how to acoustically improve the room can be prepared. Furthermore, Pro-Acoustics have experience with a method of measurements taken in parallel with the actual process of modification of the room. The experience showed that the method gives an optimized result.

PRO-Acoustics has long time experience with noise from HVAC equipment. We can help in the acoustical specification of new buildings as well as trouble shooting regarding exsisting problems.

In this field we also include noise control within workplaces, neigbourhood noise issues as well as residents disturbed by outside noise sources such as industrial noise, road noise, rail noise etc.

To assist in the planning and projecting of new work places and houses is the most effective way to avoid a noise problem, but PRO-Acoustics has also long time experience with all kinds of trouble shooting.

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