Our Company

The independent consulting company PRO-ACOUSTICS Ltd was founded 2006 in Baden / Switzerland by Christine Klockar and Ulrich Scholz. Christine Klockar and Ulrich Scholz had a combined experience of 30 years in the field of industrial acoustics in an international environment.
Because of extensive experience and knowledge within the field of acoustics, long time personal customer relations and an extensive portfolio it was possible for PRO-ACOUSTICS Ltd to position itself well on the market from the first day.
To keep the focus on professional service, expertise problem solving and flexibilty are the fundamental principles that built PRO-ACOUSTICS Ltd. Therefore the assignments are managed in a flexible and efficient way. Our customer focused orientation and the extensive and ever growing knowledge in the field of acoustics has helped us to develop PRO-ACOUSTICS Ltd to grow deeper into industrial acoustics and further into new fields.